I must share this post today, this is a friend of mine and she is a wonderful singer and each Monday she posts a song as part of her Positivity Project. Miss Perry takes songs and makes them her own and recently I requested “Songbird by Eva Cassidy” this song is simply beautiful and Perry did it justice, I absolutely loved it!!
Please take a listen!!! And if you want to hear her each week then you can follow her, but thank you for taking a listen to one of my favorite songs 🙂
Also I have to pug Perry’s Music please check out her own songs over on iTunes 🙂

Thank you and I’ll be back soon with some new recipes, I have been really busy with work…I hope everyone out there is doing well!!
Bon Appetit

Parry's Positivity Project

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8 thoughts on “Songbird…

    • Glad you enjoy it Liz, yes I’m busy we have 2 big dinners in the 2 of the stores one this week and one next…so planning the menu and cooking up some good eats, your Bourbon Chocolate cake you posted reminds of the Chocolate Beer Cake I make and will be making this Friday for our beer dinner…yum 🙂

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