Announcing the December Hoodie Giveaway Recipient…..


Hello Everyone,
I know its been over a month, but I really really have been busy 🙂
I wanted to share a few things with you today, this John’s Blog “therapy and stuff” please check him out and give him a follow, I was December’s winner of an awesome hoodie…which will be good since it is going to be cold out!! So thank you John!!
Also I will be posting soon an Apple Cake recipe, and this weekend we are hosting in one of our stores a cooking session with “The Sneaky Chef” Missy Chase Lapine. This is on Saturday at our Turfway store at 12:30 to 1:00 then she will have a Q & A. Recipes will include a Healthy Pizza, which will be made with her “Smooth Red Sauce” and we will be adding pureed cauliflower, carrots, sweet potatoes and zucchini…You kids will never know it has ALL those Healthy vegetables in it 🙂
Also we will be making “Buckeyes” with her “No Nut Butter” (this is made with Golden Peas) and Rolled Oats…all of these recipes to come soon. I will be prepping and making all the samples so I’ll take pictures and give you all the play by play 🙂
So I will be back really soon, hope all of you are doing well!!!

therapy and stuff

I’m happy to announce our Hoodie Giveaway recipient for December…


(that’s what it looks like in case you missed the other three hundred posts about this).

The winner is…..


That’s Chef Amy to you.

Amy works for a local family owned Grocery Chain in Northern KY and Great Cincinnati (13 stores) and oversees all food demo’s in each store as well as the Corp. Chef. She loves cooking for family and friends and teaching cooking classes in her stores. She also runs a blog – What’s Cooking with Chef Amy , check it out to get some great recipes and tips.

Now for those who held hopes of winning, I know this can easily throw you into despair.  First I would recommend that you read my blog to get some tips on how to handle that and second, I ask that you not give up hope.  We are giving…

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