Brown Bread!!


I thought I would send this back out today, tomorrow I am getting together with some dear sweet ladies that use to work for me and are still my dear friends to this day!! I’ll be making them each a little loaf of Brown Bread tonight 🙂

Come Cook With Me

No I don’t mean like Whole Wheat bread…I mean Brown Bread, this is a sweet or quick bread and bake in a CAN!!  


Yes I said a can…you know a can that veggies come in or soup 

I grew up having brown bread in our house my Mom would make this as well as my Grandma…I don’t think I ever thought it was odd baking it in a can…I was a kid it was a cool thing 🙂

Wikipedia says – 

New England or Boston brown bread is a type of dark, slightly sweet steamed bread (usually a quick bread) popular in New England. It is cooked by steam in a can, or cylindrical pan.
Brown bread’s color comes from a mixture of flours, usually a mix of several of the following: cornmeal, wheat, whole wheat, graham flour, or rye, and from the addition of sweeteners like molasses and…

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4 thoughts on “Brown Bread!!

    • Thank you Suzanne!! Getting ready to make it right now, I think its a really easy and simple recipe, and I don’t use cans, I just put it in little loaf pans and its perfect for gifts or just eat yourself!! 🙂 If you make let know how you like it!!

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