My Trip to Chicago!!








This past weekend was my birthday and I went to Chicago to Celebrate!!

I went with a friend and we stayed with a friend of ours and her sister.  We had such a wonder time, these are only a third of the pictures I took.

The first night we stayed in and I cooked we had grilled Chicken, grilled zucchini and a grilled asparagus and tomato pasta salad, and they got this awesome Red Velvet Cake that as so so good, I brought the rest back and shared it with a friend and my parents and they all loved it so much said it was so moist and it was even 4 days later.  the picture of me with the silly hat on was funny we all took pictures with it on 🙂

Next day we drove all over, and saw many things like; U.S. Cellular field where the White Sox play, Wrigley Field where the Cubs play, I can remember everything but I tried to take many pictures.  We passed Friday and Saturday the show “Chicago Fire” filming that was really cool.  We went to Millennium Park, they had the coolest light up water feature, with peoples faces, of course we saw “the Bean”.  Downtown we visited my friend at work, she works in the costume shop at the Joffery Ballet, she was working on refurbishing “The Nutcracker” costumes, she made Clara a new skirt, they were on lunch when we popped in, they were having a party for her manager she was leaving that day on maternity leave.  That was nice seeing all the costumes and stuff, we went to Magnolia Bakery, didn’t buy anything 😦 just looked 😛

Had tea at Argo Tea Cafe, walked through Macy’s to buy the famous Frango Mints, and a must go to was Garrett Popcorn, went to Petterino’s for dinner, I had the Maryland Crab cake with roasted corn and red pepper, then I had the Parmesan crusted scallops with green beans.  Then the waitress brought me a birthday dessert and of course it was CHOCOLATE and it was so GOOD!!

Saturday we took a boat tour through the Chicago river then went out onto Lake Michigan that was tour was the best you got to see a lot stuff.  The we went over to Navy Pier and they have a stain glass museum there and then to end the day we went to a Polish restaurant “Staropolska” it was so good, I had the potato pancakes, perogies, potato dumplings and a cabbage roll.

Of course before leaving we stopped at the polish sausage shop and a perogi shop.

What a great trip and what a great way to spend my birthday,

Thank you Mary, Barbara and Mary for making it special for me 🙂

You ladies are Great Friends!!!




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I wanted to buy this ring, but I’d have to sell my house 😛


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15 thoughts on “My Trip to Chicago!!

  1. Happy birthday! Love it–great photos. We were in Chicago this past Mon/Tues. Did some of the same things (Pier, Garret, Petterino, boat tour–though we did the architecture tour). So glad you had so much fun. You fit in at least a week’s worth of activities 🙂 Awesome, all of it.

    • Thank you Liz!! We did do so much in a short amount of time 🙂 But I loved it, can’t believe we just missed each other, I saw the signs to Wisconsin and thought about your blog to Door County 🙂 Seems like you have a great trip too 🙂
      Have a great weekend Liz!!! 🙂

  2. happy belated b’day, Virgo gal! ❤ yep, you're an earthly sign, like me, that's why we have lots of stuff in common… 😉 wish you my best: health, joy, luck and love… HHH = huge heartfelt hugs… cheers! Cappy Mélanie… 🙂

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