Happy Halloween 2014!!!!!


Yes Halloween Came and Went….

Here is me in scary make-up and yes I did this myself 🙂


Not sure where everyone lives, but here in Northern Ky/Greater Cincinnati area is was 41 degrees, and I was sitting outside all bundled up passing out candy!! 😛

Here is my candy

photo 1 (6)

my pumpkin on my table

photo 2 (3)

photo 3 (1)

some kiddies running for candy

photo 4 (1)

some coming and going

photo 2 (5)

photo 1 (5)

photo 2 (4)

But at least it stopped raining, where ever you are I hope you have a Happy and Safe Halloween!!!!

15 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2014!!!!!

  1. Wow, your makeup is great Amy. It’s much colder where you are here in NYC it was ok, 50’s not too bad. Kids all had fun, there was so much going on tonight, Bustling busy!! Happy Halloween.

    • Thank you Suzanne, gosh I wish is was in the 50’s here, you guys usually get our weather the next day. It rained or I should say misted all day at least it didn’t snow oh wait that is tomorrow’s forecast 🙂 LOL
      I am sure NYC is a fun place during Halloween, well its a fun place anytime I love NYC!!! Enjoy your evening!!!

    • Ha ha I did survive 🙂 I love the blog you found, I am now following her, always love some good recipes and I love the coconut milk added to make the Butternut Squash Soup…Yum!! Hope all is well across the sea my dear friend!!! xoxo Cheers!! 🙂

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