Mint Julep’s for the 139th Running of the Kentucky Derby!


I posted this blog 2 years ago, but everyone needs to be drinking a Mint Julep today for the 141st Running of the Kentucky Derby!!!
So get your Hat and drink in hand along with the famous Derby Pie!! And get’s all have a great “Running of the Roses” Enjoy!!!

Come Cook With Me

Yes we have Mint Julep’s in the house!!


How can you have a Kentucky Derby Party with out Pie…I covered that in my last post 😉

Or without Mint Julep’s!!!!


So cheers to the Kentucky Derby that will run tonight at
6:24 pm est.

It’s just simple all you need is some Kentucky Bourbon!!!


And the official sliver mug…okay I don’t have that but if you
would go to the Derby your’s would be served in them 🙂

Mint Julep Cup



sugar and water in a pan to make a simple syrup


I use about a 1/4 cup of mint, then I muddled it with the end of a wooden spoon

IMG_20130503_201259                    IMG_20130503_201338

Done muddling 🙂


Then I add ice, bourbon, simple syrup, cap it


Shake it, pour over crushed ice


Then serve with a garnish of mint



Kentucky Bourbon 1 –…

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10 thoughts on “Mint Julep’s for the 139th Running of the Kentucky Derby!

  1. My Kentucky husband would be all over this. I, however, am not a big bourbon fan. That being said I did enjoy Woodford Reserve when we went there! It a pecan fan either so no derby pie for me!

  2. I am playing catch up I am sorry I haven’t visited recently. I have missed so much. I love a good mint julep it is the quintessential drink for the Derby. Love the silver cup.

    • No worries Suzanne, I know you are busy, as am I ;P I feel so lost and unable to catch, I have have a 4 week series of cooking classes and they have really kept me busy…but trying to least soon get a blog up about some of the things I’ve done LOL 🙂 you take care and talk to you soon!!

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