Sakai Takayuki Kasumitogi Buffalo Tsuba Engraving Knife

Sakai Takayuki Kasumitogi Buffalo Tsuba Engraving Knife

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When it comes to Japanese cuisine, it is almost impossible to just eat and enjoy the flavors without getting immersed in the aesthetics Japanese food presents. The colors, the placement of ingredients, the quality components, and everything in Japanese dishes just makes diners from all parts of the world in awe of its perfection in every way.

It is common to see diners making reservations in advance for the best spots at an authentic Japanese restaurants or even the fine dine Omakase restaurants. At these luxurious, yet traditionally-styled Japanese specialty restaurants, diners can enjoy the mouth-watering sets of special prepared dishes and signature menus head chefs have to offer. The aesthetics and visuals of signature dishes offered at Omakase restaurants with bare sushi tables are definitely what diners are looking forward to. The selection of fine ingredients according to seasonal availabilities even makes each dining experience more exciting – which is a way to showcase the traditional Japanese style of crafting delicate culinary pieces. The intricate processes in crafting the world-famous sushi not has only garnered the attention of worldwide professionals in the field of culinary arts, but also won the hearts of food lovers from various places.

However, not only diners are impressed at the flavors, the alluring scents of delicacy Japanese cuisine offers. The extraordinary techniques, the swift movements of the knife, the subtle yet intricate processes push forward the Japanese food trend and made it a phenomenon. As Japanese professional chefs have their hands on the blades, started cooking with passion in their eyes, diners know right away what they can expect dining at authentic Japanese restaurants.

The Mastery of the Blades

Similar to that of a swordsman, every professional chef needs a companion – a blade that goes through the thick and thins. Japanese knives and the selection of good quality ones are highly essential if one is a professional chef. Knowing which kind of knife best suits certain tasks will help in the creation of a balanced culinary art product. Among the best Japanese knife brands professionals and head chefs often choose, is Sakai Takayuki.

Sakai Takayuki forges Japan’s best swords – I mean, blades for culinary purposes. Culinary arts have always been what the city of Sakai is most known for – as it is one of the oldest cities with culinary equipment and tools dating back to 600 years. Craftsmen and blacksmiths working at Sakai Takayuki forge top-quality blades, specifically for the crafting of delicate Japanese cuisine. As mastering the knife skills is highly crucial for Japanese sushi chefs, Sakai Takayuki and its knife models have been widely used and recommended by professionals, which led to massive packs of emerging Sakai Takayuki fans from different parts of the globe.

Although Sakai Takayuki is a top Japanese knife brand with a variety of knives forged for various uses, one of the best knives is no other than ‘Sakai Takayuki Kasumitogi Buffalo Tsuba Engraving’, a special Kasumi knife with engravings of Japanese traditional patterns. It is among Sakai’s most popular line of traditional knife model which works very well with beginners and even professionals. Engravings of the authentic, traditional Japanese patterns were done delicately by a highly-skilled craftsperson, making the Sakai Takayuki Kasumitogi Buffalo Tsuba Engraving knife worth having in possession. Varying patterns of legendary creatures, animals, flowers, or traditional objects like carps, dragons, cherry blossoms, and beautiful destinations have been depicted onto these knives in the ‘Buffalo Tsuba Engraving’ line. The knife itself is forged to put soft kitchen knife iron on Yasuki’s Hagane, Shiroko. With extreme sharpness and edge retention, Sakai Takayuki Kasumitogi Buffalo Tsuba Engraving knife tops the charts for its efficiency, quality, and even comfort.

Yu Kurosaki HAP40 GEKKO WA OK8M Gyuto Knife with Urushi Lacquered Oak Handle

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Japanese cuisine marks its success and creativity with the ways of the blades. The art in crafting delicate pieces of sushi, yet flavor-rich ingredients combined with soft, mild chewiness of cooked Japanese rice is accompanied with the use of the right blades, for the right techniques. The swift slices, the quick chops, and the skilled endeavor of motions as the fine ingredients are well-prepared to serve diners prove the fact that Japanese chefs are highly motivated to dedicate their lifetime for the sake of divine happiness they could share through the traditional, authentic Japanese dishes they make.

When it comes to the selection of just the right equipment, Japanese professional chefs would demand for the most suitable knife to ensure that clean-cut, slim, thin slices could be made. The traditional techniques required to craft delicacy out of every single Japanese dish would need a perfect blade to perform all tasks neatly and correctly – Yu Kurosaki knives have it all.

Yu Kurosaki is among Japan’s best, new-generation blacksmiths who craft highly efficient blades for specialized uses.

Its top-tier production of quality and original blades for the crafting of Japanese sushi and sashimi has made it among one of the best brands. Young generation blacksmiths working with Yu Kurosaki are skilled, highly passionate, and all-in dedicated to craft the best blades and add new features to varying collections. Specifically for Japanese chefs and professionals in the food industry, Yu Kurosaki is a high-end, top-quality brand that won the hearts of worldwide users. The exquisite materials that make up the knives are selected with passion for the crafting of traditional Japanese cuisine in mind. To complete your knife collection and leap towards another level of accomplishing your goals to master the new techniques of swift slices and cutting motions, Yu Kurosaki HAP40 GEKKO WA OK8M knife with Urushi oak handle is a specialized, unique blade for all food warriors.

Every Yu Kurosaki’s knives are extremely sharp

Every single knife is sharpened to assure users of clean-cut slices to avoid crooked, cringe-looking lines that make you sweat tears of despair. Yu Kurosaki HAP40 GEKKO WA OK8M knife is made to perfectly slice sashimi pieces, often selected and used by top Japanese chefs. Yu Kurosaki HAP40 GEKKO WA OK8M is a Gyuto knife, a multi-purpose knife that performs a variety of tasks. Also a part of the Yu Kurosaki Moon Light – GEKKO series, Yu Kurosaki HAP40 GEKKO WA OK8M is skillfully crafted out of HAP40 powdered high-speed steel core made especially by Japan’s most well-known company, HITACHI Metals.

The blades are crafted to be extremely hard, durable, non-abrasive, and has edge-retention compared to any other kinds of materials. The Yu Kurosaki HAP40 GEKKO WA OK8M is a semi-stainless steel knife and will require daily maintenance of keeping the blades dry and clean right after use, marking its difference from Chromium-rich basic stainless steel. The handle is the main highlight of this knife – crafted out of half-rounded octagonal-shaped oak wood-dyed Japanese lacquered Urushi, the Yu Kurosaki HAP40 GEKKO WA OK8M showcases the beautiful culture and traditions of Japan, which also makes it a great addition to your Japanese knife collection.

The knife itself is double-edged; allowing users who are both left and right-handed to use it efficiently. Swift motions, slim slices, and unique techniques can be used with the Yu Kurosaki HAP40 GEKKO WA OK8M knife with Urushi lacquered oak handle to craft the best sashimi, mouth-watering sashimi and create your very own professional Japanese cuisine from home.

Misono UX10 Series

Misono is one of Japan’s most well-known knife manufacturing brands. The brand is also popular in the United States as many homes and professional chefs trust not only the brand, but the quality of the knives they produce which are known for its excellent craftsmanship and high-quality standards. Today, Misono produces a wide range of models utilizing their specially developed manufacturing processes which ensures the knives are efficient, durable, sharp, and provide excellent edge retention.

One of Misono’s most popular line of knives is its UX10 Series. Looked at as the most promising and fulfilling knife from Misono, the UX10 Series knives have a place in every kitchen, and if you’re looking for a special knife for yourself or to gift to someone, you should definitely consider picking one up. In this article, we’ll review the many benefits of Misono’s UX10 Series.

The Main Features of the Misono UX10 Series

Manufacturing Material

Misono’s UX10 Series stands out from other knives due to the superior quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process. The blade is rust-resistant as well as stain-resistant so you can be sure the blade stays clean. The knife is beautifully balanced and features an ergonomic handle to ensure maximum enjoyment and comfort when using the knife. The blade is crafted out of high-quality Swedish steel, and when put together, the knife is not only versatile and useful, but also aesthetic and will look great in any kitchen setting.

Misono UX10 Blade Edges

When it comes to food prep, having a properly sharpened knife is one of the most important factors to consider. Having properly skinned and cut ingredients are important, and the edges of your knives must be sharp and carved well to make your experience more enjoyable. Poorly cut food items will have an effect on your dishes after cooking, which is why you can’t go wrong with a knife from Misono’s UX10 Series. UX10 knives can be re-sharpened and hold sharp edges very well.

Design and Appearance

People who have seen and experienced using a Misono UX10 knife have nothing but incredible things to say about not only its performance, but appearance as well. The knives are beautifully designed and are made with Swedish steel. The edges are carefully cut, and the handles are ergonomic, made of wood, and perfectly balanced for maximum comfort. All this combined gives the knife a very aesthetic and professional look. The blade will also never rust or stain.

Misono UX10 Knife Handles

The handle of Misono UX10 knives is designed so that dicing, cutting, chopping, peeling, and even crushing is done with minimal effort. The knife was designed so that even beginners can easily wield and use it right away for their various cooking needs. The handle is made of composite wood for maximum durability. Due to the unique handle design, it’s virtually impossible for a user to lose hold of the knife while in the middle of a cut.

Pros of Misono UX10 Series

  • Chopping, dicing, cutting and slicing is easy due to the sharp edge
  • Priced reasonably and various models available
  • Easy to use for beginners and professionals
  • Rust and stain free
  • Good warranty policy
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Comfortable wooden handle for maximum comfort
  • Knife will last a long time with the right care

Cons of Misono UX10 Series

  • Sheath is not included
  • Some users may have trouble with the handle

While Misono produces a wide range of knives, the best of the company’s manufacturing and craftsmanship is displayed in their flagship UX10 Series. A UX10 Series knife is a dream knife for many homes and professional chefs due to the high level of quality and reliability of the knives. Misono UX10 knives are all hand sharpened by whetstone, so they are extra sharp right out of the box!